About Us

Many companies do what we do.
But no one else does it like we do.
Because for us, it’s personal.

SNA Event Productions

With 40 years of experience—and with the deliberate decision to go forward as a unique AV company—we have chosen a different approach: one that puts the audience first and increases the ROI of meetings through another type of ROI, the Retention of Information.

We’ve assembled a team of leaders—including industry founders, Network Specialists, Show Producers, and Digital Signage Experts—to smash the status quo in the meetings industry. Creating the best conferences in the world is how we make a dent in the universe, which keeps us up at night with excitement.

We can tell you this: once you try our fully-integrated, all-inclusive conference experience, you will never want it any other way, especially when you combine the HSIA of Safety NetAccess, the digital signage capabilities of XPODIGITAL and the event experience of SNA Event Productions.